Our Mission 

We produce bespoke, unique products for Goatloft customers and for our clients. Products that embody quality, longevity, functionality and good design.
We reduce waste through regenerating materials into accessories, garments and installations; saving quality textiles from lining landfills. Our team carefully considers the lifecycle and composition of the materials we work with to ensure products are timeless in design, intelligent in function, and environmentally sound.
Changing the scale and pace of production is instrumental to slowing the effects of climate change. We consider the people involved in our supply chains as collaborators in this mission; each contributing to a shifting ecosystem, all part of a movement towards a more sustainable future.
Goatloft is committed to manufacturing and consuming in more responsible and resourceful ways. We value education and on-going community learning to establish alternative approaches to design, development and fabrication.
The legacy work of the global fashion community is aspirational to Goatloft. Brands who continue to champion necessary change are fundamental to our industry. Aotearoa is a leading innovator in this space and we're proud to be part of a community of ambitious and environmentally conscious makers. 




Goatloft strives to create beautiful, meaningful objects and outcomes.
Functional and user centric principles guide our design. We work in sustainable and regenerative ways for the good of our communities and the natural world.
We're committed to learning and growing; to finding innovative solutions and sustainable approaches; to championing thoughtful and responsible business practices.
If you have any questions, suggestions or insight on how we can do what we do even better, please email us below.