We are passionate about collaborating with innovators who champion the same vision as us. Small or substantial in size, get in touch with us if you have an idea that you need help with to bring to life.


Jesse Metcalfe X Goatloft 2020

Jesse Metcalfe is a renowned artist and digital manipulator. A long time friend of Goatloft, we were pleased to work with Jesse, to showcase his support local design.
Photo credit: Josh Harvey

Auckland Pride Festival 2020

A 17m-long art installation for Studio One Toi Tū, as part of Auckland Pride Festival, 2020. This work was produced in collaboration with Auckland-based architects Max Irving-Lamb and Jessica O'Reilly.

Photo credit: Petra Levy 

Special acknowledgement to Auckland Council for their support.



Chippy x Goatloft 2019

A capsule collection of bags and furniture, designed and manufactured by Goatloft Studio, in collaboration with Auckland-based illustrator, Chippy. 

The collection is bright and playful and is made utilising reclaimed industrial textiles that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

Chippy's cheeky characters float and bounce off one another, encapsulated within Goatloft's meticulously handcrafted accessories.

Photo credit: Fraser Chatham

Postmag x Goatloft 2019

Goatloft Studio is at the forefront of an emerging community of designers and consumers favoring repurposed textiles over fast fashion. Featuring our old studio, yes we started in a shed.

A profile on Goftloft by Auckland-based publication Post Mag.  

Videographer credit: Break the fourth of Poynton studios