It’s at our cornerstone to reduce and minimise waste, and regenerate materials by otherwise discarded materials into functional products, installations and garments.

The change in the scale and pace of production is instrumental to how much we slow down the effects of climate change - this is why we work in-house and produce bespoke, unique products.

We consider all the various people involved in the supply chain; everyone contributes to this ecosystem and has a role to play in the movement and process towards the fundamental changes required to our environment.

This means we value education and the on-going learning as a community to think about what we need to do to improve on the manufacturing and production of goods.


The legacy work of the global fashion community is aspirational to Goatloft, and those brands who continue to champion this necessary change and are fundamental to our industry.

Our team carefully considers the lifecycle and composition of the materials we work with, to ensure the products are both timeless in design and in function.

By selecting off-cut materials this helps reduce a small (but measurable) amount of waste deferred. Upcycling also enables us to remain committed to being innovative and creative with the designs that we produce.